Tuesday, June 3, 2008

semester empat..

fourth semester..

hectic,that's the most suitable word that can really describe my fourth semester life. This semester, i'll have to learn about patients with gynaecologycal disorders,obstetric,and paediatric..

dapat tawaran course nursing?

Just received an offer to do nursing? Be calm. Especially if you are from the one with testosterone-producing organ.

There are a few facts that are applicable to most public universities. Few of them are..

- being a student nurse doesn't mean that u will end up being a nurse.

- u can't change the course.

- the basic salary are around 1500-1600

- there are allowances to push the salary up to 2000++

- nurses in hospitals rotate themselves in 3 shifts.

- nurses in clinics work by office hour.

- there will be a person who will supervise a ward,they call her "sister".

- nurses in private hospitals as usual will receive more.

- plus,they will usually have to work harder.

more to come..

nak tuka course..

Everything has been planned. I will change my course on the registration day. I won't continue my mum's legacy (she is a nurse,too). But..things won't always go the way we plan it. I don't even got the nerve to ask the registrar about changing my course. I'm thinking of something like Medical Laboratory or Medical Imaging but then nothing happen. Only then i realize that students are allowed to change their course after at least one semester.. Okay, i'll wait for that one semester to end.

semester satu..

My first semester..

1:9 that's just ridiculous! One male student for 10 of the opposite gender. With such a high ratio, i'm wondering can i survive for the whole semester! Bleeding2! Haha.. I then found out that the batch before me was even worser, there are only 4 male student to cope with the remaining chicks..

The class is like usual, except that we have "labs"

that for me is like a small ward. That labs is for students to practice skills that they've learned theorically. There will be a Clinical Instructor who will assist us in getting exact techniques for every skills..

This nursing programme is the combination of tutorial and practicals.. Perhaps some of you out there had even seen girls doing their clinical posting in hospitals around the country.. For UiTM, the schedule is like this, in each semester, students will be having their lecture first,then followed by clinical posting at selected hospitals..the schedules are the same for every semester,except for the last semester,from which the students will have no lecture at all and will go for what our lecturer told us as "management" phase. This final semester is all about the process of running a ward,from admission of patients to census.

That's in UiTM. Care to share infos on how others do it? ('-')

Sunday, June 1, 2008

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hi ..

a bit on nursing history...

The first nursing school in the world was started in India in about 250 BC. Only men were considered "pure" enough to become nurses. The Charaka (Vol I, Section xv) states these men should be, "of good behavior, distinguished for purity, possessed of cleverness and skill, imbued with kindness, skilled in every service a patient may require, competent to cook food, skilled in bathing and washing the patient, rubbing and massaging the limbs, lifting and assisting him to walk about, well skilled in making and cleansing of beds, readying the patient and skillful in waiting upon one that is ailing and never unwilling to do anything that may be ordered."
Source: First School

During the Byzantine Empire nursing was a separate occupation practiced primarily by men. In the New Testament, the good Samaritan paid the innkeeper to provide care for an injured man. No one thought it odd that a man should by paid to provide nursing care. Story of the Good Samaritan found at: Luke 10: 35-36Source: Biblical Times In every plague that swept Europe men risked their lives to provide nursing care. A group of men, the Parabolani, in 300 AD started a hospital and provided nursing care during the Black Plague epidemic.

Source: Parabolani

Two hundred years later St. Benedict founded the Benedictine nursing order. St. Alexis was a fifth century nurse. The Alexian Brothers were organized in the 1300's to provide nursing care for the victims of the Black Death. Today both groups continue in their work.Military, religious and lay orders of men continued to provide nursing care throughout the Middle Ages. Some of the most famous of these were the Knights Hospitalers, the Teutonic Knights, the Tertiaries, the Knights of St. Lazarus, the Order of the Holy Spirit, and the Hospital Brothers of St. Anthony.Two patron saints of nurses stem from this period. St. John of God and St. Camillus de Lellis both started out as soldiers, and later turned to nursing. St Camillus started the sign of the red cross which is still used today, and developed the first ambulance service.Source: Early Orders

Fray (Friar) Juan de Mena was the First American Nurse icnne.boisestate.edu/1stnurse.html Seventy years before the Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock, Fray (Friar) Juan de Mena was shipwrecked off the south Texas Coast. He is the first identified nurse in what was to become the United States. Two lay brothers, Friar Juan de Mena and Friar Marcos de Mena, were badly wounded...Friar Juan de Mena received an arrow in the back; and with other Spaniards, he died after going a little more than a quarter of a league. From the time this friar donned the habit in Santo Domingo of Mexico, he lived an exemplary life. Among his virtues, especially noteworthy was the humble charity with which he tended the sick. He was Mexico's nurse, esteemed and praised for his diligence until the time he was deceived, along with others, into leaving his province for Spain and was led to his death.Source: First American Nurse John Ciudad (1495 -1550) founded the order of the brothers of St. John of God or the Brothers of Mercy in (1538). He opened a hospital in Grenada and asked a group of friends to assist in providing care to the mentally ill, homeless, crippled, derelicts, and abandoned children. Men of this order also visited the sick in their homes.St. Camillus de Lellis (1550 -1614) founded the Nursing Order of Ministers of the sick. Men of this order cared for the dying, people stricken with the plague, and alcoholics. St. Camillus opened a hospital for alcoholics in Germany.Source: CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: St. Camillus de Lellis James Derham was an African American man who worked as a nurse in New Orleans in 1783. He was able to save enough money to buy his freedom from slavery. He later studied medicine and became a respected physician in Philadelphia and the first African American physician in the United States.Source: James Derman In 1808, Lazaro Orranti and Martin Ortega were two men employed as the nurses at a hospital in San Antonio. The hospital employed only men as nurses.A century later a sign above the door to the San Antonio hospital nurses quarters stated "Entrance to No Mans Land."Source: Texas Hospitals In the middle 1800's England became embroiled in the Crimean War, and the United States fought the Civil War. During the Civil War both sides had military men serving as nurses although we only hear about the Union volunteers, who were predominately female. The Confederate Army identified thirty men per regiment to care for the wounded. The Union also had men in the military serving as nurses. Men, including Walt Whitman, served as volunteers.Source: Civil & Crimean Wars Walt Whitman (1819-1892), poet and writer, served as a volunteer hospital nurse in Washington, DC during the Civil War. He recorded his experiences in a collection of poems called "Drumtaps" and in his diary, "Specimen Days and Collect".Source: guweb2.gonzaga.edu/faculty/campbell/enl311/whitman.htm Prior to the Civil War both male and female slaves were identified as "nurses."Victoria Clayton describes "old Joe" who was "my husband’s nurse in infancy" being entrusted with the care of the plantation, while the white men of the plantation were fighting in the Civil War.Source: sld015 The wars decimated the male population of both England and the United States. More men died in the Civil War than in any other war in US history. Following the Civil War the United States went through a tremendous expansionist period. It was the time of manifest destiny. Besides the men who died in the war, many male survivors went west.Source: After War In 1863, women physicians founded New England Hospital for Women and Children to provide medical and nursing education for women.Three years later the Alexian Brothers opened up their first hospital in this country. They educated men as nurses.Source: First US Schools On March 10, 1890 the first nursing school in Texas started. It was proclaimed in the Galveston Daily News as "a new field in which educated women may find a means of support"There were nursing schools for men. The Mills School for Nursing and St. Vincent's Hospital School for Men were started in New York in 1888.Source: Nursing Schools As the turn of the century drew near, female nurses started to organize. In 1894, the Superintendents of Female Nursing Schools gathered in New York for their first annual meeting. The Nurses Associated Alumnae (note female form of Alumnus) of U. S. and Canada had their first annual meeting in 1898. Delegates to the 1900 convention contained only one married woman and no men. The Nurses Associated Alumnae became the American Nurses Association in 1917, and men were excluded until 1930.Source: Organzing One of the early accomplishments of the female nursing organizations was to exclude men from military nursing. In 1901 the Army Nurse Corp was formed and only women could serve as nurses. The U.S. military nursing changed from being predominately male to being exclusively female.Source: Army Nurse Corps It was not until after the Korean War that men were again permitted to serve as nurses in the military. During the intervening decades men who were Registered Nurses enlisted and were drafted, but were not assigned as nurses.Source: Men Back in Military Once men were again permitted into military nursing, the numbers also increased in civilian nursing. Nursing schools, which had denied admission to men, began to admit them. Gradually the numbers of men in nursing increased from less than one per cent in 1966 (ANA, Research and Statistics Department) to the 1996 five per cent (Division of Nursing.BHpr/HRSA/US DHHS).Source: Increase in Men Today men are resuming their historical role as caring, nurturing nurses, just as some women are resuming their roles as physicians. After a century as a predominately female profession nursing is changing again.Source: Today One group working to support and promote men in American nursing is the American Assembly for Men in Nursing.Source: AAMN Page Men In American Nursing History - This information was taken from Professional Nursing Practice, 4th ed. By Blais, Hayes, Kozier & Erb. Men in American Nursing History (last updated 11.5.97.)

Thursday, May 29, 2008


Tahniah! Anda telah ditawarkan ke Universiti Teknologi MARA untuk mengikuti Program Kejururawatan UiTM.

That's it. I'm finished.. I've just been offered a place in a local university in this country. My heart blend with feelings, it feels like someone just blow my head. I just can't accept it. A nursing programme? Oh God.

When i'm in standard 6,i scored all straight A's for the UPSR examination. Then my application to enter MRSM was accepted.

Leaving that lower secondary school with 8A's printed on my PMR examination slip is a very good feeling, from there i continue my journey to Perak, as i've been offered a place in MRSM Taiping.

Then things went wrong, while my other classmates secures a sponsorship from corporations and government organization to do courses they like overseas , me myself got "stuck" in a local university doing something that never crossed my mind before.

There u go. A male nurse doing a course well-dominated by the females.. The moment i read the result of my application,(i checked it by SMS) i feel like the world is being so unfair to me..

My other friends started to ask me things like,"oit dapat mane?","camne keputusan?" Ouch! While others are busy boasting about their sponsorships,i'm stuck to death.. What should i say to them? What excuses should i give? Oh God this is just so hard..

When i told my family about the "nursing" thing,they laugh it out. Especially my mom. "ai takkan ma jadi nurse anak pun nurse kot..,laki plak tu.." Erk! I'm bleeding! Haha..